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Monday, August 18, 2008

At last

At last when you have gone down to read all our blogs you ask yourself " What was it like to be there in that year of summer?" I'll tell you. Confusing. Stressing. Competitive. New. Independent. But it all stand for this summer challenge; to see the reality of who we are because deep inside, we know where do we stand up comparing to others. the thoughts that was bothering us was written in this blog, not to say our feelings, and ignoring others when we knew they were going to read it.
In some way I am glad this was such experience, but the end you will have to realize you are taking more than you think. it took me to walk out of the elevator and see what i was leaving. I'll tell few words of advice: wise up quick about this program, because if you dont what you are doing third week-get out. I'm telling you to stand up. this is the time to prove yourself you can be independent from mommy. someday...
There are no places where they can teach leadership. Not even in harlemlive, but you gain them through out the summer. You gain trust, network, voice, knowledge. All the confusing doing mandatory story items, do it fast. hunt stories. for Presentations do keynote and one minute video( make sure its related to the topic). Never do blog in the beginning of the day, do it at the end. Say what you gotta say. maybe in the first week. Time is valuable, said its Richard.Its true, stay late if you need to.
Its stressing to be leader but with advantages you can take.Dont take any stressing.
At last learn everything. Because later you can put that in your resume and say I did this.
Thank you for this, thou I shall see you guys again.
-No hay vida mas que una memoria-


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