HarlemLive Flow Experience & Thoughts

Monday, August 18, 2008

At last

At last when you have gone down to read all our blogs you ask yourself " What was it like to be there in that year of summer?" I'll tell you. Confusing. Stressing. Competitive. New. Independent. But it all stand for this summer challenge; to see the reality of who we are because deep inside, we know where do we stand up comparing to others. the thoughts that was bothering us was written in this blog, not to say our feelings, and ignoring others when we knew they were going to read it.
In some way I am glad this was such experience, but the end you will have to realize you are taking more than you think. it took me to walk out of the elevator and see what i was leaving. I'll tell few words of advice: wise up quick about this program, because if you dont what you are doing third week-get out. I'm telling you to stand up. this is the time to prove yourself you can be independent from mommy. someday...
There are no places where they can teach leadership. Not even in harlemlive, but you gain them through out the summer. You gain trust, network, voice, knowledge. All the confusing doing mandatory story items, do it fast. hunt stories. for Presentations do keynote and one minute video( make sure its related to the topic). Never do blog in the beginning of the day, do it at the end. Say what you gotta say. maybe in the first week. Time is valuable, said its Richard.Its true, stay late if you need to.
Its stressing to be leader but with advantages you can take.Dont take any stressing.
At last learn everything. Because later you can put that in your resume and say I did this.
Thank you for this, thou I shall see you guys again.
-No hay vida mas que una memoria-

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Official Last Day

Byebye everyone unless your coming back in October. My info is on staffinfo if you wanna IM or call me. It was nice meeting y'all. 


My team didn't win but we came in second. Ambush won the whole thing plus the presentation. Good job all of Ambush. You guys deserved it. I'm glad 1st amendment didn't win. They got what they deserved... 3rd place. Lol. I won a lot of stuff. Ipod shuffle, stereo, Dvd player, notebook, and the things in our bags. Plus i got a free limo ride. Woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It was Me, Fatima, Luisa and her man, Lea and her man, Brad, Johnny, Brads cousin(forgot her name), and Rosa. It was really fun. We walked around NYC to find someplace to eat. I came home around 2:oo am with all my stuff. Heres a pic of me looking fabulous and showing love to Ambush. Good job guys.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ugghhh What a day

So lets say it like this, presentation to me went great. My day today was cool, got an outfit for tomorrow so yeah get ready. I just wanna say that I am really proud of my team, they did a really great job during the presentations. I am very proud of them and I can't believe that after all of this we actually did it. I feel that we accomplished alot and I am happy to be the leader. So yeah, drama did happen today but it is now in the past so its time to move on....LATAZZZZZZ

Girl Fight!

It's like the last day of work and drama comes through the door like crazy. You see we do confessionals like the show "The Real World" and someone heard a lilto too much. Savasia was talking about Dacia. Dacia went crazy but no fight just a mirror broken. Team First Amendment Vs. Team HL Flow All Day


Okay I never said this but ITs Crowded!! I dont know what else just get out of here!! THis is too much for me. I cant believe I had to shout at them and still were doing it. I had no idea we had this competition and they should tell us this before. You heard a day planner. Its really crazy than any person. Coming in and coming out. there was Drama about their attitudes. A lot shouting. And then Changes. Maybe its for the better to continue than make a memory of my past.

OMG hectic

Damn it was fucking hectic today. We were assigned to redo some things in HL. MY team got the main room, and the cabinets. I think we did a good job. Me and ant went shopping for the stuff. Yall owe me $13. It was crazy. they was so much to do. These peple were stressing me out so much man. I kept my calm though. I saw a big ass water bug in the train station on 181. It was so scary. Well this will be my last blog for the summer. WOOOOO!!! Lol. Now i want to do my points but most of this week the only thing i did was blogs. I did some other things but thats mostly what i did. Im gonna miss my team =/. Tomorrow is the awards ceremony and i will look so cute ^ ^. Well i guess thats it for now.

Our Last Presentation

I did my last presentation yesterday @ Teacher's College in Columbia. I can't believe our team was smart enough to put on the T.V at the last 10 minutes of being in the waiting room. We saw Blades of Glory for 10 minutes....People said I got emotional when I got up to speak but I felt that I left out a lot of things. Well that's me rushy rushy. I bought a dress, shoes and ice cream with Rosa under 1 hour and 20 minutes, after I came from school, just to look all nice and I didn't take a picture, figures. My undies kept falling when I was walking with the dress on and Henry overheard my convo and shout "Take'm Off" in Spanish it was hilrious. We're such a team. When we came to HarlemLIVE I waited for 2 hours for the discussion on which time won to find out we gotta do chores........


OMG yesterday was a really crazy day because we had the biggest presentation we had. I was kind of nervous but all came out all right although i didn't talked a lot. I am also so exited to see who won this presentation and also exited for the award ceremony tomorrow. I am also nervous because i don't know what to wear and also because i don't know if my team is going to win anything but i hope we do i mean we are good. I am also scared because there is going to be a lot of people looking at us and stuff  but i think i can handle that.I was so nervous  because the judges were cool but i mean they are judges you know they are going to judge you and you want to be the best you can be.

july 13 yessssssss i feel good

today is a great day for me because all my stress is gone yesterday was our last presentation and today i took my living e regent and and i am so happy know i could relax more than before. when i came today every one was cleaning all around the place. the place looked so messy i just start to help savashia with one the drawer.

The week of the hurting stomach

yo my stomach hurt OD and it seems like im the only one with this luck. The minute that I wake up my joint just be killing me. I got a doctors appointment that I need to go to but I don't want to go to because I just need to relax. Since its at 1:00, I was going to take a cab there but my bank didnt let me take money out of my account so I have to take the train there. Thats the worst when your belly is hurt and you have to travel alone to your destination. My mother in law, my brother, and my self has been having stomach problems lately and im the only one that didnt end up staying inside of the hospital. This whole week has been a living hell for me despite the people in my personal life whoes just been nagging me but I need a vacation.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

big presentation

today was the big presentation, and i forget that was today, went i got to HarlemLIVE and Rosa sow me, the first worlds that come from her mouse was "are you serious" because the type of clothes that was using was not appropriate for a presentation like this so she made me go back home to change my clothes. at the presentation i was not nervous because this was not me first time that I must do something like this, acting in from of a group of people more that 50 that is some thing big to nervous. the only thing that i didt like was that i haded a killing hatache

Friday Was So FUCKIN Awesome!!!

Oye I went to a BFMV concert, that's Bullet for My Valentine if you didn't know, with a friend and his lazy arse finally sent the pictures! Most of them are blurry and some have too much light. I'ma see if I can fix them in photo shop when I learn. It was pretty cool Eric bought me a Bullet for My Valentine shirt and dog tags but I lost the dog tags somehow. I felt so bad when I couldn't find them. It was funny the fans were pulling on the white sheet that almost make the lights go down and people were shouting "One more song, one more song" so the band members had came out with wigs for the last song of the night. I had made videos on the Flip but the computer didn't read it. So Warrith deleted them to fix the Flip, I went all depressed mode for 10 minutes. Supposedly when I switched the batteries, the Flip got Fudged up. The concert was so fabulous, that I wanna see it again and again someday. And I swiped like for 4 No Fear energy drinks that were free, they were nasty so I don't recommend. And take my advice since I'm energy drink crazy. After the concert I got to see Pineapple Express. It's so funny. I loved it, especially when the 2 actors coughing. FRIDAY WAS SOO MUCH FUN! And I'm talking about it 4 days later............

NO no not none

okay so I'm nervous its the big presentation. I know its the last one, but soooo valuable because...you know. The last one with its finito highest points. Im nervous that I will forget what to say, or make my point of view to judges. I know I will do fine but it feels like after that is the end. Well its kind of the end. Well its been fun to present different topics and see the surprise who wins. There still is still one, the final and the end of Summer youth Challenge. I hope we win and me too.

Tuesdays presentation

This week hasn't been that great for me, let alone today. I have been having the worst stomach pains ever and they all feel like Im pregnant of some kind. Right after i finish taking something called myla something, Harlem Live called. My stomach began feeling a little bit better so I came on to work but I remember that Rich said that it was ok to wear jeans as long as they were presentably fit. Once I get here, everyone has on dress cloths and Im the only one that was out of place though some said I didnt look bad. They told me that I needed my press badge which I leaft home so it was 5:08 when I left to change. When I was on my way back to the presentation, I realized that I didnt know how to get there so I had to make a detour to Harlem Live. After I changed my cloths, picked up my press badge and made it back; it was 6:00 and I was on my way to support my team. I arrived at the presentation at 6:30 and made it right before everything started but "it's better late, than never." Though since im the co-leader I shouldve been one of the first ones here, plans have hurrdles in them. I think my team has had an over all great time at harlem live and plan to take it with us.


The presentations are over. My feet hurt but whatever. I think my team did wonderful, i think we have a big chance of winning. My personal statement was too long. They cut me off lol, but i loved it. I got nervous but i think i did pretty well if i do say say so myself. I answered one of the questions that the judges gave us and i answered it really well. Me, Chantaysha, Vada and Chris got a free ride from Brad.^ ^He saved my poor little feeties lol. Now what will i wear thursday??

last presentation

today is our last presentation and i am so happy that that chris love our video and we are on the top lead. today i am also presenting which is making me nervous we are going to win today again 


Today is the big presentation. I could not find anything to wear so i picked something simple. Everyone so far looks so nice. We, HL flow got the most essays so extra points. The ambush video is nowhere close to finished so I'm nervous about that. I just hope its excellent like 1st amendments. I loved it. I got some good footage f them so i just need a video editor to help me put it together. My feet are starting to hurt. This is why i don't walk in heels often =-/

Monday, August 11, 2008


Wear a female condom! 
Some lady on Saturday gave me and Rosa condoms at the basketball game, it was pretty awkward but I got a free key chain and pen. This lady gave me a flyer too on how to put it on and all. Pretty B()π#D So I decided to blog about it. Sorry for "censoring" the word bored, Rich doesn't like the word and I don't want any goofs. Lemme post los instructions! 

1. Open the packet- Rub the packet so the lubrication can spread inside.
2. Find a comfy part  to insert that condom or squat. Take your time you don't want any mistakes the condom is very slippery. 
3. Push in the inner ring all the way up your vagina hitting the pubic bone. You basically have to finger yourself to put on the condom. (I know right crazy)
4. Make sure the outside ring of the condom is surrounding the outer lips of your vagina.
5. Have a great time~
6. Take out the condom from the outer ring to keep that sperm inside the pouch and throw it away. (Don't reuse cheap asses)

Using a fe female condom reduces getting pregnant, STDs and HIV/AIDS better than a regular condom at least that's what the flyer says so I recommend it.  


YO I TOOK A LONG ASS LUNCHBREAK. {(spent it wit da mrs.)}but im back now im chillin writin dis here blog and im bout to leave. i really cant wait 4 2morrow to come (pause) ima be fly. i cant wait for the two big daiis.
-A-Dotti33-im off dis off dis-

I Almost Died Today........

Today was my official day of my basic skills classes of LaGuardia Community College. I swear I survived torture there. And 9 more days left of it. So much math and only a half and hour break that lasted like 5 minutes. Plus that teacher's breath was kicking. But theres some good news. I can make it to both the presentation tomorrow and the awards night on Thursday. So I'ma have to do my hair today or find sometime tomorrow to do it. It's going to be for my ID picture for my college and the presentation. I'm going to use my icky charm to try and get individual points for the judges but I don't have a personal statement. Ha! I still have math stuck in my head. I'm suffocating in algebra at the moment with no air.

Hahaha O.M.G I Can't Believe It!

I come in today @ 3:30 and I now found out that the I did on Saturday had no Fudging audio! Ya A waste coming in but I got to see Bruno. But it was sad to see Bruno's team lose. Rosa must be pissed, I feel bad but at least she didn't lose her phone forever. Whatever I got to see him before he left to California. Anyways we couldn't put it in the 30 minute video because there isn't enough room .

august 11

Today when i came today i was looking at the vide.  that chantaya. tomorrow is our last presentation and we are all working to make sure we have every thing done by tomorrow. when i took my lunch break and i was walking with stephanie it started to rain a lot. thanks to a man who was selling umbrella gave us one for free because we didn't had any money.

Dotti33's day b4 presentation

2daii i will b completin all assignments that concern me on the white board. so i should have a resume, 5 week essay, and atleast 3 blogs done by today. today i might just go on a story if it stops rainin. yo to all yall fly people out there yall betta come correct cause yes da kid Dotti33 is comin ultra mutha uuckin fly iiiiiiii. yo ima do my shit this week yall goin to see a brand newwwww Dotti33.
-A-Dotti33 im off dis off dis- 


Today is a crazy day. We got mad stuff to do. But its understandable because the presentations are tomorrow. Everyone is coming late today, but after all they did mad stuff saturday. I know my video people edited a lot of video. I want to see it. I bet they did a good job. There's only a few things on that list for me to do, and thats blogs, practice for the presentation, invite the alumni, and a resume. All those are easy and can be done in no time.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

johary saturday

today Chantaya and hendry  didn't came today which we were going to work on our video. Their were some people that wanted to learn how to used final cut pro. when chris came he gave was giving us another class on final cut so we were going over what we knew and learn how to do some effects. hopefully we would have every thing done by tuesday presentation.

A-Dotti33's saturday

so far since i got here ive check my email to see if my email editor edited my stuff. and guess wat guys she did. i have an edited 5 week essay and an edited story. so today ima try to do just a lil bit today n do sum stuff tomorrow. thats if i come in (Pause). iight so ima holla at yall readers later. may u all have a safe and blessit day. lol
-A-Dotti33 im off dis off dis-

just getting here

Hey, its saturday and i just got here its 2:25 and im in the video room, i really dont know whos here but for some reason i really dont feel like talking to people. Im so anti-social....lol.....i need to stop doing that. I dont know wats wrong with me! I guess im a little sad, before i came here i was in my apt. packing up getting ready to move back to P.A. I was living there before, but for the past 6 or 7 months ive been here, and i have met alot of kool, people and im going to miss them. And some of them are from HL, and imma even miss HL, and having to take time out from my busy weekends to come and work. But i guess if i didnt like doing it i wouldnt be here. I dont realli think there is tons of work thats need to get done for my team. I know i gotta work on our presentation so thats what i will be doing! So im going to go and get started on that! Talk to u guys soon...lata.....vAdA..

Friday, August 8, 2008

Back from a P.O.S

We just went to 125th try and get another P.O.S that we needed for our presentation video that we need. It took us a mighty long time. IT was me Chantasia, Ant and Steph. No one realli wanted to talk to anybody. We were all acting mad shy for no reason, so we were standing on 125th for a min while 100s of people passed us, walking extra super fast. We were trying to target mostly young people, like teens and get their opinons on the elections..... since our topic is "Role of youth." So we walked down 125th street until we got to Bradhurst. We decided maybe if we walk streets instead of aves we might get something done, So we walked all the way done to 134th street and 8th ave. We saw a group of girls standing on the corner, so we told ant to go and talk to them.....since he think he's a pretty boy.... but we got the interview we needed, so we got it all done. So we are good, the girls were pretty silly, but we got what we needed!!....lata vAdA

working hard

today i got to harlem live and stater to work on all the videos that need to be editor to the 30 minutes for the show but some of the girls was working went i got to HL and i thong that they was going a good job but went i set and save and close the projec and open a new one all the imformation of the video was in a difrent folder and it tome 1 housr to fix that error and then i staret to do some project it was ok at the end.


Today it's friday and I didn't even know that Harlem Live Flow had to come in from 9:00 to 3:00 so I came in at 1:00. My team told me that they went over the presentation that we will be presenting on tuesday. They spoke about how we're suppose to be dressed and my role in the presentation. This is bigger than the presentations that we've had here at Harlem Live but its small compared to the one that we will be doing on Friday. This is the "Biggy" and I feel that I am prepared but I do know that I am going to be nervous when its my turn to speak. I still have one more area to cover on my mandatory list so that we could be the ones to complete the little mission. I was absent yesterday because I had to go to a pencil breakfast with Virtual Enterprise to discuss the importance of having and valuing the job. They asked people if they liked their job and did they have comments about it, and they asked us all to volunteer our answer but me being shy, I kept it right on paper. About me being shy, im really not shy; im just not totally comfortable with speaking in front of a bunch of people that im unfamiliar with. It was from 8:00 to 12:00 but the last two nights, I've been up in the middle of the night for family reasons but I hung in there. Im a good candidate to my family and I still get my priorities done. The first night that I was up it was because my mother came in late and was too tired to cook so I stayed up to cook for her than the next night because I was playing viciously with a dog that i just got and the dog bit my girlfriend so I was in the hospital with her until 3:00. Then I had to wake up and 6:30 to make it to my breakfast on time.

Things going on..!!

OMG here i am writing a blog so Richard don't take 60 points of my team.Well today has been a really tough week because Tuesday is the presentation and i am really scared. I am also scared for the award ceremony because i am thinkin if i am going to get and award. I also pissed off because today is raining and friday are not suppose to rain because firday is a "Going out day" oh well tomorrow saturday i am going to see my Italian people so.I am really stress because i am wondering if my team will win once more,also because we have so many stuff to do.After all this stress i am sure that happiness will come.Duh! my birthday is coming up and thats a happy moment.

I dont know what to say else more

I've been sitting here trying to think did I change over the last five weeks? I dont know but i have discovered things in me that i didnt even know for sure. I know that I can be a good writer and photographer and I have  the skills to present my self and for my team. I may get nervous but the things the way goes it flows, so smoothly. Ha I know I have changed but there are no words to describe and its only in my mind recorded. When The time seems to write it about it I get stuck. ill try my best detailed to changes and transitions during these few weeks I had working here. In some way I wont have to hear my mother complaining why im gettin home so late and her lectures about "respecting my house and time." i know she is worried about me, but she dosen't understand i have to take this Like it would be my job forever. I plan to comeback, but unfortunately I'm not going to be able make friday, the BBQ.

Today yo

SO today i got a lot of stuff to get done. I already completed my 5 week essay and next i have to do the paragraph on ambush. Each person takes a paragraph. It should be pretty easy. I mean like I'm here enough to know about them and I'm cool with most people on that team so its all good. Its also so chilly today. It feels like its 60 and I'm here wearing flip flops and i breezy shirt. I wonder how they are doing with the video. I think the presentation will go well but who knows. Oh and congrats ambush for the flier contest. I'm disappointed that i took 48 fucking minutes but at least 1st amendment didn't win, because they think they hot and always wanna play someone, so ha too bad. That's what y'all get. I still love you guys though.
Rich just gave us a test run of how it will go on tuesday and it seemed pretty easy. We just go in and introduce ourselves and we give a personal statement. You know there is a 5 week essay ** hint hint**. Well that should be it for now. Oh and wheres Keenan?

Still not realli feelin it!..

Hey, im back its about 11:30, i thought i would be feeling different or maybe better, but it hasnt happened yet. I was just out here typing up all...well most of the things i need to get done. So far i've done my changing in the past 5 weeks, my paragraph on ambush, my blog. So write now all i gotta do is write my story on Lee Olive Tucker, which will be used as one of our career stories. but im being realli dont feel like doing it, im being lazy! but i have to!..i gotta get off my lazy ass and get what ever i need to get done, done.

A-Dotti33's today

today ima complete a least 5 blogs. ima stay on task and complete more and more things. ima type up stories, send them to the email editors that i have and also complete another memior and 2 poems. i feel that our team alone has a lot of work to be accomplished and we are goin to win again to all of YALL NOT LIVE TEAMS. harlemlive flow is doin a great job right now gettin our stories and contributing to tuesday's performance. best believe ima be spiffy for both the awards and the presentations.
-A-Dotti33 im off dis off dis-

OMG today is friday and it feel like it's monday mad wack nobody running round trying to finish there video, no crowded HarlemLIVE is so wack my god i want to see something interesting something i can blog about.. I've been here since 8 something in the morning and noting interesting had happened but it's all good..let me get back to my work... PEACE........

august 8 tuesday

today their is no presation because is on tuesday. we are working on what we are going to do on tuesday presentation which is the last one. i am kind of sad that thier only one more week. i can't belive yesterday somebody stole something againg i can't belive what happening two days straight something have be stolen.

So Ya Immigrant Basketball Players FTW

When me and Rosa went on POS for our presentation due on Tuesday we scored a big ass interview. Rosa put on her make up before we left to go. She was the one all flirty f.y.i. well looking like she was going to. We scored with President and vice-president of Macleem sportswear, Haneef Saleem and Jay "Boogie" Brantley. Plus the LUB. Yes the men from the Sexy Men Folder in the HL Flow Folder. We met up with them in Sylvia's Restaurant. It was so crazy they came in a white van and an entourage. We was like OMFG is that them?!  You know what was funny, we was following them downstairs thinking that we was going to a special room but we ended up going to the men's bathroom. So we rushed it to the women's bathroom ASAP giggling. When we finally got to the table we were being serve food. I stepped up to talk to Bruce Silvar. I know for a fact he's going to make it big. We looked like midgets compared everyone @ the restaurant So much shit happened that night. 

Good morning

Gud morning everyone whos reading thins. Its about 9:30 and im not realli feeeling like myself today. Maybe its bacause its so early in the morning. But i just want to talk about something i realized this morning. When i came in, Rich said to me, "Congrations you made it through the 5 weeks..." That made me stop and think, DAMN, this realli is almost over, in no time i'll be in PA going to school, not having to hear Rich and Shem yelling like mad men!!!...(jokin). NOw that i have been here, it just seems like second nature. I know im moving, and i wont be in the city that offten, but was i look back i cant realli imagine my life without having Harlem Live in it at all. I know how corney this may sound, but this realli does feel like a little family...(a realli weird one)....but in some way a family. Even though we all went through our own little problems, i dont think i would have changed my 1st summer job for anything in the world...(maybe if it paid more)....just kiddin....but im not going to say my good byes yet we still have a little time to go!!....lata...vAdA


Thursday, August 7, 2008

No Comment

Today I just got reminded that I can't trust people.
I can't believe I forgot that, heh.

......Flier Contest.....

Son we went to 14th street and Fatima she was just OD on does fliers all you see is her saying "flier,flier,flier" she was rocking and sweating like a pig when she finished Rosa told me she finished in 11 minutes i was with my mouth open 11 MINUTES.. no other team can do that i will give her that... GOOD JOB i give you a thumbs up only that..

I feel relaxing.

Some money was lost...omg another drama like yesterday computer stolen...It has to be some kind of person who's irrational. i hope they find soon for others. those cost alot. I wanted to buy a mac but too expensive.

DAMN YO!!!!!!!!!!!

YO I GOT MAD SHIT ACCOMPLISHED TODAY. it just needs to be edited i wrote up the tattoo parlor story but i need to wait to send it to my email editor or give it to antwon tomorrow. i sent my email editor mad stuff so ima let her rest. lol but she is doin a good job. anywayz wen i come in tomorrow (pause) ima get twice the shit i did today done tomorrow. ima try to get a story for the youth in the upcomin election. i might even write 5 blogs tomorrow dependin on how my day is goin. iight so ima see yall ugly readers tomorrow.
-A-Dotti33 im off dis off dis-

..::Countdown till I leave...7 days::..

Today was a cool day. We are basically going over the things that need to completed. Im about to start video taping Ambush. For some reason though I am not stressed out at all this week. Im more relaxed than ever. Its also alot of drama going in this place for no reason. Like lately people been catching bitch feelings for no reason. O well I don't care about all the drama and catchy feelings. As long as no one brings it in my direction, I shall be just fine. So yeah Im gonna go now, XoXo

..::Vogue Princess::..

Thurday august 7

yesterday after we came from ABC i when to lunch and when i came back we had a meeting about a stolen computer i was shock because i don't know who would do something like that. today i am leaving  at 6:00 and i am expecting to continue working on my Tv video. tomorrow is our presentation and i what we going to do. 

dam im workin (pause)

yo i just finished writin up the story on senator bill perkins and sent it to my email editor. i also just filled out like 80 story tickets for a story, a memior and my 5 week essay.i was goin back and fourth to da printer. my feet is type tired right now lol. but yea im not just goin to stop here im bout to write up another story and send it to my email editor. this story is about a tattoo parlor on 113th street. its not even 12 o clock yet n im doin all dis shit holla at me holla at me. lol
-A-Dotti33 im off dis off dis-

Yesterday part 2

Yesterday i went on a POS to SOHO to get info for the big presentation. It was me Savasia and Chantaysha. We only got three interviews but they gave us good info. Someone was talking about legalizing marijuana and another was smoking a cig on camera. It was very funny. No girls wanted to talk to us. We only attracted guys. But i can see why. Lol. There are so many stores and they had this hot ass shoe store. OMG!!!!!!!. Me and Chantaysha was in converse heaven. She took the ones i wanted =(. Oh well, they got some cute others. They also had some hot boots and dc's. They had these cute pair of pastries. At first when i saw them come out a while ago i thought " what kinda brand is this?". but when i saw these purple and black pairs, i was like they will be mine!. I'm going back there and getting me some converse dc's and pastries!. Oh and the accessories. OMGx 2. 
I'm not even gonna go into that one. I saw this pair of purple skinny jeans in this one store and they will match s good with those purple and black pastries. When we got on the a train we was doing mad confessionals. Savasia got all into her ghetto mode, and we was discussing the presentation and all the teams here at HL. When we left, Chantaysha gave me the video camera and i filmed her confessional all the way back from the train station to HL. I do good as a camera women. Then later Antoine came and helped us edit out stories. I left HL at around 9:45 and when i left i saw a fire truck. That would been a good story.Over all my day was awesome yesterday!.

A-Dotti33s' on a fuckin role

yesterday i got wild stuff accomplished. i produced a memior, a published story, a 5 week experience essay, i went out on a story and interviewed Senator Bill Perkins and completed 2 blogs. the bill perkins interview went well. even though it was by phone i believe that he gave us good information and spoke about severe topics. his lovely assistant Ms. Cordell was a lot of help also. she invited us to video tape a youth conference at PAL on the 16th so if anybody is interested holla at me. on my agenda for today i will accomplish way more than what i did yesterday. YALL AINT SEEN NUTHIN YET!!!!!!!!!!!
-A-Dotti33 im off dis off dis-

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

detail day

No, things couldn't be done but i had the fun of myself. abc was awesome, met him and talked to him for a bit. He is pretty funny guy. Better than tv. I also met someone else that supports and tries to get involved with Barack Obama. I didn't know Obama had so many people in new york, even though he came from the west coast.Well actually he is a basketball player. I felt weird about it that in a way they always have told me never talk to strangers. And now i talk with anyone. If i had to do this competition again, i would do it. Also, I realized we like to choose but not for the very good reasons. We like to talk about anything, but we actually we dont do it. I dont what to do anymore. Its late night and I've been here since 8 am, and now is 11 30. Me have that baggy eyes, but Im glad to be here because I can talk about anything to strangers and not feel like an idiot. Just going to them and say " Hey, you dont mind if we ask you questions?" Some they are to coward, others sometimes space out. But the more I am here, the more I wish to stay.Well at least we got another story. Richard is right, we just got to go around the corner.
In the morning of 830 I have decided to make pancakes for some people just for fun. I had people come to me and critic my pancakes. It was great review, so I heard. I stayed doing this passion until 10 am. For two hours until these people were coming in the morning. I have not expected them to come in the morning but by minute I felt like I was never going to end. I was cooking and thinking. I was thinking what have they done yesterday, when I hear "They havent done no shit" Oh man. Thats bad. What haven't they done. I don't what was the story of yesterday about Loredo. Don't like to know that drama. You know what would be ideal? Everyone working on the teams mandatory item. OH boy there is slacking, everyone is.I just wish they would produce more work, and try with their best efforts. But then again, there is the presentations, stories, and "points". Im starting to hate points. Dont realize what is that for. I dont think it works on me.
After 10 am They have told us, "get out". We walked...Took the train...And then one stop to their stop, and bing! we got there! Our amazed and exitement faces has led us to thinking about the tv show. In the end we open our mouths and said" I want to do that". At is what i said when I got there.The main control is where i wanted to be in. hahaha. I dont why, but it was like...totally awsome.
We come here in the afternoon already, talking about our experiences in abc. While we were there i recalled about Adam being in space because apparently he like going other way of opening the door.
Then in the POS with, francesca, the photographer was more even interesting because it was how i met Jay Brantley, a basketball player, which i enjoyed a conversation about Barack obama and certainly he is independent.He gave me his phone number to call him. At End we met him in Sylvias restaurant thinking that it would be only him. But Silly us!! How can we when we saw them with other basketball players. I would be thinking he is a coach or manager with that face of determinacy. I dont know if he liked me in some kind other way. Nahhh.
I was suppose to meet him at 8, but i text him ill be there late. He didn't tell me it was whole. As soon it turns to 8 40, We see this little white truck. I didn't want to believe it was them. Omg! it was him with them. So tall like a tree and comparing next to them we were midgits

..::Wanna Be An Anchorwoman? I Think So::..

So today we went to ABC. It was real cool. I got to see Eyewitness News Live. It was very interesting to see. It made me realize that I like the spotlight. Each media site I went to, I like being there on the set where the cameras are and also I love giving out information. So I think that's something I would like to take up. Also today Tamarra, Savasia and I went to SoHo to do POS. That right there was the worst thing to do ever. 3 girls in SoHo = Shopping. It was real hard for us to continue the POS. Mostly because there was so much going on and also the people we were trying to interview weren't giving into us interviewing them. But other than that I got some new sneakers. I want to go back again to the store I got my sneakers from. They had a good variety of sneakers that I like, so yeah I am thinking about going back. So thats all for today. I will get back tomorrow. I need sometime to think.

..::Vogue Princess::..

what a busy day!

Hey everybody i just got home, and i had such a long and busy day. I got to work at like 9:45am, so i signed in as 10am. I knew we were going on a media site visit, and i realli wanted to go. So, a group of about 11 of us came and got on the 3 train and took it to 72nd to tranfer to the 1 train. We got off the next stop which was 66th. When we go out the train the building was right there. I knew it was the building because there was a BIG sign that said ABC. When we got there we had to wait about 10 mins for the tour guide to come. The tour guides name was Sandra, and she was realli kool. she gave us a lot of interesting facts!! we got to see the actual news people while the shot 12pm news!! We were right behind the camera, we saw the weather station and we saw the lady prepareing her slide show for her segment in the show. We went around the entire station, it was alot different than when we went to CNN. For one, they did feed us!..lol.... but there were less studios because most of their shows are taped outside and then sent to the ABC station. I thought it was realli kool that we got to see how the shows we watch are made. till nest time!!..VaDa


Trying to do everything at once...not good!
There is so much to do and I dont even know where to start. its not just didnt want to do. Its just that i've been doing some things and havent finished it. But now i need to finish everything what i started. I dont think i can finish everything and dont care about the points anymore.  I care finishing everything and trying to be possible i can. 
I'm not sure what is right. Points or the content 


The ABC visit was cool. I met the Anchors of the eyewitness news and i found out that the man knew pashish very well. I also like it because they were really friendly and i got to see the new right there on the spot something that not much people get to see. ABC was a interesting place because i don't wach ABC on TV that much so it was cool to meet the TV station. The tour was short but interesting. Aside of that i am also nervous because my team have not completed the TV show and also because our presentation is not quite there.I don't have much to say.

14 days left for my birthday people!!!!!

middle of Dotti33's day

so far my day is goin by good. ive accomplished half of wat i said in my last blog. ive written a poem, a blog well two if u count the 1 im writin now, and a memior. i also sent sumthing to my email editor. my day is goin good i just got back from lunch wit wifey. so im energized n ima work on da rest of my stuff right now. ima try n get sum points from alliah right now 2.
-A-Dotti33 im off dis off dis-

HAAA today

Hardly anyone is here. They all went to ABC to get some fame LOL. Have fun guys ^ ^. I should have went but oh well, cant go now. I have a few things to do today like go on that POS for the big presentation. Now HL flow is team 48 minutes. If you read my other blogs you'll know what i'm talking about. Ambush is now team -1000 points. 1st amendment just loves playing people. Hm interesting. But its whatever they all love me. Still i hate when people make fun of us. I can understand because everyone was playing them. See all my blogs aren't 500 years long.

Sup u guys..

Yo today is wednesday and some of us are going to ABC and some of us are going to go on person on the street (P.O.S). I just know got out an ICHAT with my teams advisor and he said we should go out on P.O.S he want's us to go to 34th street and 42nd because he doesn't want us to stay in harlem. Johnny is a real good advisor and it could be possible that we finish our 30 minute show i don't know what is going to be about but i has to be interesting. Chantaysha is a good leader and real confident and i ant the team to actually work as a team. So yeah back to what i was saying before were going on stories.

august 6

today i came in at 9 :15 because i had a doctor appointment. when i came today someone was making  pancakes. today i am going to ABC with sally and i am happy and nervous at the same time i wonder what kind of question would they be asking us. yesterday i left at 6:00 and me and Hendry started editing or tape for our Tv magazine.


I'm going on my 3rd media and it's the 3rd day I'm wearing my Jordans. I had to jump over bum piss on the stairs of my building this morning because the elevator wasn't coming fast. I thought I was going to be late this morning, I didn't want miss going to ABC. I already skipped my 1st day of college this morning cause of it. I'm not blaming anyone I just hope I'm still in the College Discovery Program. And after going to ABC, Ima go do a POS with Rosa. Happy Times Happy Times. 

bucklin down

yesterday rich and selli talked to me. they told me that i need to produce more and get on top of my things. today im goin to be more productive i should have a least two or three stories sent to my email editor, 2 poems sent to my email editor, 2 memiors, and 2 blogs. i gonna be number 1 this week if its da last thing i do. i gotta show my detication for my job. i really want to b here.
-A-Dotti33 im off dis off dis- 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My day and flier contest version 2.0

If you saw my other blog( Its hard to miss) you can see its a long ass blog posted by yours truly. TAMARRA!!. I don't know what with me posting these long blogs. I guess I'm a good writer. And I'm so rocking my team color and my favorite color blue!!! The best color in the world. Green is ok right Ambush?? and red just sucks right 1st amendment? Just kidding i love all you guys. Lol.
Dacia AND Michael, just like the rest of first amendment( like i said its not all you guys, some are actually cool and don't have to put someones team down)likes talking crap about HL flow.
I'm really cool with Dacia but some things she said i didn't appreciate. She was like how she doesn't really see us as competition, only ambush. Michael was like were we like the team that is in the way of the real competition or we are are distraction, something like that, but we all know Michael is an asshole. She was like how she felt so sorry for me at the flier contest and how i looked so sad and timid. LET ME SEE YOU TRY IT DACIA AND MICHAEL. Im not a bitch, so i wont be all rude to people, YELLING AT THEM TO TAKE A FLIER. I know it was a contest but still you don't gotta be all rude to me. She was like how she felt so sorry for me. I completed it under 50 minutes and I'm ok with it. If you did horribly i would been like its ok AND WOULD MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT THE SITUATION, not make you feel worse about something you feel bad about.
And Frankie had the nerve to laugh at me about it. Did you see ambush acting like that? I didn't think so. I'm not mad at the fact that it took me some time, but that she had the nerve to diss me and my team like that. She said i should be in a different team, because HL flow is not competition. She was like how she let us win and she felt pity for us. She was like how winning isnt cool all the time. 1st amendment only won twice so don't even take it there, the both of you.
NO ONE DISSES MY TEAM. You cool and everything Dacia but really. If anyone reads this you can all tell her i didn't appreciate that. Maybe ill tell her myself. Lusia documented my rant, ask her to see it and you ll see how mad i was.

Ha another blog yall

Yeah im doing a blog in my house. Currently listening to Bullet for my Valentine(its Hard rock/ Metal). Don't be surprised you all know im a rocker, hip hop and rap isnt really my thing. It has to be a good/catchy rap song if im going to listen to it. Anyway Ceka should definantly know about them. Oh and to Ceka what about that concert??.Anyways. Today was another dead day. I had to document some of ambush becuase the others werent there. I just took some pics of them.
Im the papparazzi ^ ^. 1st amendment had to document us. All Dacia could find were mostly pics of me. Yes im a star you should already know. Lol. Well i finshed posted my section after 50 years lol but more points for me. Day Day needs to post my stories. TWO OF THEM. 750 x 2 is 1500 points plus all the other stuff i am doing here. We really need to focus and get up on that presentation.
And someone help me write some stories. Lets work our asses off people. We really need to if we will win. AND I KNOW HL flow wants to win right? Of course we do. Today Chris was supposed to go on the flier thingy,but had to edit video and Keenan had to go home. It took me 48 minutes to pass out 150 fliers. Aww man. Dacia And Micheal werent making the situation better. They we teasing me. Thats 750 points we might lose becuase it too me too long. Imagine if it takes the 49 minutes? But i highly doubt that.


today i got to HarlemLive only to do one thing and that was to work on video and editing for all the video that the team have make doing story and i'm the only one that know final cut better that all in my team. chris think that he is better than me, and want to do all the work without my help put is ok because im going to teach he how to use final cut in a better way because went i not in hear he is the one that need to know how to editing video.   

..::No Comment? I Guess::..

At this moment I am so tired. I think I am just worn out. Now to get a few things out there. When people put down there own race, is a bit sad. Also it is very inappropriate. Not every race is perfect you know. Like I know us as black people have our flaws, but that don't gave us the right to talk disrespectful about them. Like when you expose your own race flaws don't mean you will be accepted into another race for putting down your own. I don't understand what people get out of this. Other than venting and getting noticed. Its very sad when people do that. I see it as them trying to better themselves or even make them feel superior. Hmmm but what can we do, its people on opinions and how they feel. I think we need a little black history up in dis place because some ppl cud talk about black people in the most disrespectful way and think its acceptable.

..::Vogue Princess::..

Jesus Crist!!

Jesus Crist!! My 3rd blog today. I'm freaking out of boredom. Everyone is talking about Teonica leaving especially First Amendment because she was there team mate and they needed her. She was cool and everything but I didn't really like her attitude. She was trying get me heated on last Friday about me and the team winning. Like we couldn't win for once. So I'm happy she left. I loved video taping the meeting and video taping her leave. It was hilarious. I finished one of my memoirs today, I'm going to type it up at home because I don't wanna use Text Edit to send it to an email editor. I just hope that she returns my corrections back before this Friday. I'm still here waiting for Rosa, I'm going to pretend that I have a life and leave.

flyer contest

Tamaera just went out on this thing called a flyer contest, which is a contest to see who can hand out the most flyers, and which ever team member can hand out the most flyers gets like 750 pts. Which is realli good because we are top with the most points and we are the NUMBER ONE TEAM..YEAH HARLEM LIVE FLOW!!!.....but hopefully she will do well and get us some extra points! cause i think we should be the number one team again!.....cause 2 be honest, it feels reall gud!!

free my son t-styles

yo yesterday i was dum tight. teonica got kicked out n shit. rich n selli thought that her blog was ova da top n fired her. im not even goin to get into wat i think all ima say is that i miss her. anywayz also yesterday our team went to bill perkins office to obtain information on the position of youth in the upcoming election. she gave us very good feedback and spoke about internships and the types of things bill perkins does in the community. we first went to al sharpton's office to get the info but they refered us to the state office building where bill perkins' office is located.
-A-Dotti33 im off dis off dis-

august 5 tuesday

today i am starting my new schedule because i have to go to school to take classes for my living e regent. yesterday i took my day off but i came because my working unit was here and when i came Richard was having a meeting. today i want to edit finish editing some video for our 30 minutes tv magazine which we already start on Saturday with Chris. when i came here today everyone was working and i had no computer so i took my lunch break and then i wait until people start going on story. Me Hendry and Christ started working on our tv show magazine and i am happy because we already started tomorrow we are going to work on our friday video.

Wow,...so much drama

Wow, damn i just back today and there is so much drama going on here with teams and blogs. When i got here the first thing i hear is that Teionca is not with us anymore! i was kind of surprised about that because she was a realli kool person, but i guess she realli wasnt here to work hard and get her work done. I guess when you think about it, at the beginning when we first got here, you dont really take this whole thing serious you figure....(for me at least) this is your first job and your mostly there for experience. And for me, i have gotten at of this alreadii and the programs not even over yet. but this is something that had changed me and had given me all how new over look at working all together.
Theres also a lot of stuff going around about peoples blogs. people are getting WAY to personal with their blogs and getting called out on it. i dont think its a good idea for people to be putting their personal opinons on people if you dont want anyone to comment on them! But its different if u wanted everyone to know, and you wanted people to talk about it!! If anything talk s*** to that person if you reali want to!! We are realli not here for all this extra bull-shit, we here to work,.... getting storys....post them...and shit like that!! Thats my outlook on that!!....bye!

Bored O.M.G

I'm tired of looking for the pictures that was taken on last Friday's presentation. And I never do another for DayDay ever again cause he's an idiot. That fucking loser. SOO yea I'ma being posting stories now that we ain't doing a thing but right after I make some memoirs and poems. I'm still waiting on Rosa to come. I understand if she's late since her home almost got burned to the ground. So yea waiting and waiting is what I do when I don't post, mess around or don't take pics. So i took pictures of my fabulous new Jordans. These are the first Jordans I've ever bought and i love em. they were $100 and I got people commenting me how much they like it. And my lilto brother told me there 2 years old but i didn't care! I love the black and blue, I think I want the gray and yellow ones too.  

Missed the today show

Yesterday i didnt come to HL because my sister is pregenate...(3 months) but is WAY 2 skinny to be healthy enough to carry a child, so she's been really sick lately. But, the reason I wasnt here was because my mom is in P.A watching over my new house, sisters in the hospitals so someone had to watch my lil brother. So i was running around taking care of a millon different things.....in srry HL, i love you guys, but, MY FAMILY COMES FIRST!......But im upset i didnt get to go to the Today Show. It waas probably alot of fun, just like the CNN trip!. But i guess there will be others. i hope people from my team went and I'll get to here about it....so now im back at work and focus on what i need to do!...i do have ALOT on my mind, but im going to try and not let it get i my wat.!!...bE BaC lAtA...

Here I Am and All Focused For No Reason

Here bored. I'm trying not to post any stories and start focusing on the team but there not focusing on the team either, some. Yet we're still outside doing our own thing like nothings happening. And I know most are bouncing @ 3 too. I understand that people want to post stories for extra points for themselves, me too but we have to think about the group and how we going to win also our stories. Since stuff are mostly due on the 8th and 13th. Let someone come up to me about this blog because they all heard me trying to say "Can we stop posting stories and concentrate on the group please?". I'm going to start posting stories if we don't get our shit together again , if no ones concreting on the team. Me, Tamarra & Rosa are going on a POS for our presentation. I hope it really helps out on our presentation because I want this team to have first place. 

A Monday for Me

Yesterday when Harlem Live was at NBC's network I stayed at Harlem Live to get my work complete. Rich told me at the moment not to post stories because they were in the process of putting our site from one sever to the next so that was my time to get myself organized and to get extra points. I wrote down every thing that I had to do so I wouldn't miss no points because I'm trying to make it to the number one spot before I leave HL. A few minutes later, Rich told me to begin posting stories so then I posted 4 stories. After my little posting session, I went on a story hunt to the Al Sharpen house on 145 so he can refer me right back to where I was but it was worth it because I got the opportunity to speak to the CEO of Bill Perkins company. She gave us great information about the youth and their opinion on who they would like to see in office. From everything that she said I summarized that peoples reasons for being so involved appose to any other election was their options of who was running because of the change of the attempt in office. This is the first time that a female and an african american male ran for president and to run against each other gave people the urge to get involved for that reason. We were introduced to an event about the youths' disturbances in the communities and how they could make a change.

A Monday for Me

Right now

Im so tired right now. I hardly got any sleep today. I went to bed at 2:00 am because i was doing other things(no i was not with my boyfriend.. If i had one maybe lol..) and i forgot to do something for the POS today. I might do it now. Im just ultra tired now. Oh well there is work to be done so i must stay. When i eat(i ate nothing yet) and see more people i will probably be more awake and hyper like i always am here. We were discussing the presentation for friday yesterday with help from ambush's adult advisor ^ ^. We have a lot of help. I think it would be good. I hope we win again. I have confidence we will.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Its so cool. I was networking with the vice president of Strategic Initiatives, Lyne Pitts, Ron Allen a correspondent for NBC news and many others. I have so many business cards, that it's ridiculous. I just basically enjoyed myself. I really hope I get an internship. Seeing all the sets and the rooms where people work apart of really inspired me. But I looked like a fool.

Today so far

 Today so far was kinda boring. I came in about 2 because i had some important business to take care of. I'm siting here doing nothing really. I just had miss Aleah initial my stories and memoirs so that's a lot of points for me ^ ^. The only not boring thing about today was the thing about first amendment concerning Teonica and Laredo's blogs. She said this is just a job and she is not going to stress herself for it. She also dissed the judges and HL in general. She was really cool but that whole blog showed her true feelings about this whole thing. This is more than just a job to me, why do you think i stay here over time. Im supposed o leave at three, but stay here to nine, to prove that my team is the best, and to prove to me that i can handle stress, and this is not only about $$$.
 If that was the case i would be out at 3 everyday. Im dedicated to this and proving to myself that i can accomplish great things, regardless if people put me down. I want to show all those people who are constantly putting me down that i am great, and of course better than them because i am doing something with my life.  This is a great experience, and school wont give you this. Anyways, I saw the new points graph paper thingy and HL flow is way up there =]. About 8000 something points together. We just need to keep it up and we will win this whole thing. We just need to get ready for this Fridays presentation. I think it will be good. We just need to practice speaking. Oh and here are some bored pics of me and Ceka.


   Went on the today show, it was so much fun. Hoda was so nice and I met and shaked Kathy Lee's hand. It was sooooo much fun. I got to see the Conan O'Brian set which is like the Maury show set. It was so small and he's so tall that he's uncomfortable when he sits on his chair. At least that's what the tour guy said. It was so cool I met Rev. Run and Justine Simmons. I wanna be apart of the video industry now, I'm sure this time. 

ToDaY wAz So CoOl.

this is when we were in the today show it was so exiting because we stayed there for like the whole show and it was soooo exiting did i say that already..h3h3